Where You Live Determines Your Degree of Spirituality!

Where I grew up I never noticed a lot of spiritually minded people! In fact about the highest level most folks I met could talk at was how nice it was to go out to enjoy God’s Creation with a 12 gauge shotgun to kill squirrels frolicking through the branches of a now golden forest or wait to ambush an unsuspecting turkey stuffing itself with acorns to survive the bitter challenge of oncoming winter!

One true spiritually developed and amazing individual taught that we all are continuously being translated from spiritual level to spiritual level by the Spirit of the Anointed One. This private and internal development is apparent because it is defined by our love!

The forests and fields trampled annually by sport hunters groan with us who are witnesses to their torment and abuse! Species mated for life watch their partners hurdle from the heights with blasted and broken wings even as, in my state, mother bears bemoan the “taking” of their cubs. While these terrorized creatures are endlessly waiting to hear the gentle footsteps of the sons of God coming to their rescue, these guys with guns are, I guess, waiting for their next level of advancement. I am not certain if that might be blasting doves out of the Heavens, shooting bison with long-rifles from train-cars or wolves run ragged from the sky!

I have heard of one nearby country who does have a lot of people who claim to really love nature…so much so, that even their Prime Minister blesses their bashing the brains out of baby fur seals out on the cold icepacks far from civilization! Perhaps they have never read that “putting away a good conscience causes us to make spiritual shipwreck!”

I have experienced most sorts of suffering and amazing summits of blessing and I am sure such a life will continue, but at an accelerated pace. Real spiritual growth requires both suffering and elation. Prophetically, I will restrain my mouth in speaking of the specifics of “What Shall Be” in this post, only to say that the exalting in the Spirit will be “better than sex,” I am not the first writer to use this comparison, so if you don’t like it talk to C.S. Lewis first! *(See footnote on Adam and Eve)

The testing is the tougher part of transformation and it will reveal what only suffering can! But the important thing for me is to know exactly where I live because that will determine what, exactly, I experience spiritually. You, too, must discover just where you dwell. You will know when it is the right place and when you discover it…don’t budge!

I must cut to the wonderful reason that I am not at all moved by any of the fearful things coming upon the Earth to test us all. I know where I live and its environment which is described in this way: “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever!” If you want the same Destiny and Environment, you too will have to move right in to the House of the Lord. Don’t say you can’t live in close proximity to people like me because the scripture says we are talking about a large place! (Psalms 18:19)

All that we are saying about God’s House is a metaphor for something spiritual. The Most High does not dwell in buildings built with hands. (Acts 7:48) God is everywhere present in His House so you need not go anywhere to discover His tangible Presence. This was the first and best thing Adam lost when he sinned…the presence of his Daddy and this was because Adam chose a new parent.

Near to the time of Adam, other humans walked with God, but often scripture records, “and they went out from the Presence of the Lord.” In His Presence there is fullness of joy (Psalms 16:11), but away from it in our practice and consciousness, all bets are off. Jesus said, “If you stay or abide in me and my words abide in you, ask what you will and it shall be done unto you.” It isn’t hard to be in spiritual Heaven with a deal like that. It is a lot like swimming, flying or any other ability: at first you may say I could never do that, but God says, “After you have suffered for a while, God will ‘stablish’ you, strengthen you and make you perfect.” (1Peter 5:10) The word “stablish” means “to turn resolutely in a certain direction,” and in our case this means focusing on God!

If you are always smiling no matter what your world looks like to others, out of God’s goodness and mercy you can give them a reason for the hope that is in you. “God loves me and I love Him…He’s in me and I’m in Him…well, the truth is we live together at His place. I moved back in! Oh yeah, When I’m sleeping…His banner over me is LOVE! He’s my Dad! Talk about spiritual…and you’re welcome, too!

Excuse me. I have to check on the four living creatures!

*Just a note on Adam and Eve. Although they were naked in the Paradise Garden of Eden and had been told by God to be fruitful and multiply and replenish the Earth, it wasn’t until they were cast out for their bad, bad, boo-boo, that they realized they were naked! Beth Moore says, “All of us are after the one thing that can sweep us off our feet and HE is it!” I truly believe that these two were so caught up with the awesomeness of all God was revealing and teaching them and even more so God’s very presence that they never even thought about sex or even noticed that they were both naked! And you can’t say they weren’t made for each other! His Presence can do that…Yes, indeed!


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