The Manifestation of the Sons of God

One religion insists that it is blasphemy to say that God has any sons and another says, “The whole creation is anxiously and eagerly awaiting the manifestation of the sons of God,” for their future depends upon this. You can read many of the translations of the Bible on  One of my favorite translations can be read in Romans 8:18-21 in the New Living Translation. By noting every nuance and impression transferred to your mind set on the Spirit, you can understand most meanings and translations. Stay focused and be patient.
You may understand much in Genesis Chapter 1 and 2, but until you comprehend the scientific, microscopic proven discoveries of science you cannot fully understand virtually anything about creation. True science never conflicts with the scriptures; its only conflict is with assumptions about what the scriptures really say. These tiny things, which are unseen and given little attention, often control the massive and visual things. The gigantic things and the obvious are never as important as we think or significant as the day of small things. For example, Christian scientists along with non-Christian scientists recognize that without huge numbers of microscopic bacteria the earth would not be able to support life because of toxic and heavy metals which the bacteria’s transform into beneficial substances for the support and expansion of life.  There are many other things which are nuclear or electrical in some way. Even some things not well understood and unavailable to most forms of detection exist and control some of the most critical influences to life on this planet or the existence of the planet itself. It is sometimes said that the devil is in the details but really the Creator Himself is usually in the details.  
No matter what we become, what we learn or even what we understand is relatively insignificant compared to love. We may murmur that we are not so tender hearted and don’t want to spend too much time reflecting on its virtues even though God’s Word says if we are that and a bag of chips and do not have love, we are nothing.
So…the Bible says for husbands to love their wives. If you have observed engaged couples who are “in love” and married couples, there is often quite a contrast. Some married couples seem to live to strive and fight with one another. As the Bible says, where there is envy and strife, there is every evil work. (James 3:16) No wonder the Bible tells husbands to love their wives. That is because often we fail to do so. Since the whole creation (and that is bazillions of creatures) is awaiting the manifestation of the Sons of God and God is love. Scripture says that those who are the sons of God shall be known by their love. (See 1John 4:7-8)  We are nothing without love. In order to be the Sons of God we must have our focus on love.
Sometimes love is a big word but a small word is found in the latter part of 1Peter 3:8. One translation says, “Sympathize with each other. Be tenderhearted and keep a humble attitude.” The King James Version says, “Have compassion one of another. Be courteous.” Both of these are shortened to make this point. Being courteous is seemingly too little of an objective to be contained in Holy Scripture. Today we notice all around us that courtesy is no longer practiced or thought to have any value.
We husbands can tell our mates, “I love you.” But being courteous is a practical demonstration of our caring about another person. Being courteous certainly includes in its meaning “being considerate.” Being mean, selfish, hard hearted or cruel certainly has no place in being “considerate.” Merriam Webster’s dictionary defines considerate as careful not to cause inconvenience or hurt others. We can’t be courteous or considerate without asking ourselves how we can help our fellow man, our mate or even our fellow creatures. How can any religion be considerate of other people while they blow themselves off the map with a bomb strapped to their person who kills and maims many of their fellow beings?
How can a man show his wife he is being courteous and considerate while he explains to her that he can hardly wait to have sex with a phenomenal group of virgins? Of course the answer is obvious; no courtesy, no consideration of others equals no tenderheartedness, no love and being of no account to the advancement of humanity in the mind of God. How can the manifestation of the Sons of God be so important to every creature while a loveless style and trend of life be expressed by another faith based upon information contradicting the Holy Word?
We cannot be cruel or inconsiderate of our fellow travelers on the journey of life and show forth the components of love at the same time. If someone loves us like the Messiah or our mate, we should heed even the likes of Elvis, when he sings, “Don’t be Cruel.” Another song written by a man often called a musical genius (Todd Rundgren) and sung by England Dan and John Ford Coley which is entitled, “Love is the Answer,” may never have been written as a spiritual song, but it certainly is one of my favorites. Some people and all the creatures believe we are not just on a dying planet, but God has a purpose to bring forth His true sons and the moment is fast approaching.
A King named Martin Luther, a pacifist named Gandhi and a great high priest named Yeshua Messiah or as I like to call Him, “Yes-u-are Messiah,” all demonstrated this love and its power. In modern language, we could say that Jesus said, “Strike me down and I’ll become more powerful than you can possibly imagine,” because that is just what happened. For this reason, the true faith of Our Lord Jesus Christ and God’s only begotten Son will prevail. The reason is those who live by the sword must die by the sword. See this promise in Revelation 13:10 and Matthew 26:52. 
Some people think the important name of Jesus Christ, Our Lord, is the most important thing in the Bible but God says He places His Word above all of His name. (Psalms 138:2) One of His names is El Shaddai and another Elohiym. There are numerous other ones and they can all be discovered in the Bible, but all of His Word, including that the whole creation is waiting for the manifestation of the Sons of God is held to be more important by God.
We recently listened to a preacher who seemed very nice and very informed. He said he was teaching about the scriptures in Romans 8:19-21 amongst others and what creation was awaiting. We have made certain that you know this was the manifestation of the Sons of God. He went on to say that he would probably never talk about the cry of creation and their hope during a Sunday meeting implying that it was not that important.
2Timothy 3:16-17 reminds us, “All scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof and for correction, for instruction in righteousness: that the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.” If this point is so important that the man of God may be perfect, and instructed in righteousness and a few other things that are on God’s mind, why aren’t we willing to live and even die, if need be, to get out the message that creation has been redeemed by God, promised that they shall share in the future just as all God’s children do, and are delivered from the failure of the fall and its impact on all creation? The Apostle Paul asks in Romans 10:14, “How then shall the people call on him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher?”
There is no scripture so unimportant that we would shy away from sharing the whole counsel of God and His Word. If the Sons of God are going to be manifested, their Fathers Word must be in their heart and in their mouth. How shall the people believe this biblical truth regarding all creation and its restoration and freedom from death and decay if we have informed them? If you are an over-comer, a preacher or any kind of evangelist, why are you sharing this gospel with every creature? (Mark 16:15) Preacher? The whole creation is waiting! 

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