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Creationscry.com is a website designed to bring together three things: environmentalism, animal rights and liberation, and the vision and prophetic Word of God in effectively addressing the unimaginable suffering confronting creation today. (Romans 8:19)

Because we are committed to the power of peaceful, non-violent resistance in the footsteps of Francis of Assisi, Martin Luther King and Gandhi, and speaking truth to power, we do not support nor do we condemn nor do we participate in illegal animal liberation. This does not at all mean we are not 100% dedicated and expectant to see the liberation of all creation shortly. In Jesus’ name we reclaim and restore the use of and the power of the word “liberation” as the great hope God promised to every creature! (Acts 3:21 & Romans 8:21)

Through the power and persuasion of Holy Scripture, we fully anticipate seeing the day that God promised, when all animals and nature itself are released into full and glorious liberty. It will then be far more than just a bovine from a bull fight that is released or a company of my chimpanzee brothers who are freed. By then he who kills a bull will be as if he murdered a man (Isa 66:3). And no lumber man will cut down the forests; therefore the trees shall break forth into singing and applaud for joy (Isa 14:7-8)! We are persuaded that through education, inspiration, the preaching of the Good News of the Kingdom to every creature, a life fully dedicated to Divine principles, the Eden Blessing given to Abraham and his seed forever, and God working with us, the earth shall be filled with manifested enlightenment. The Bible states that the knowledge of the Lord shall fill the earth like the waters fill the sea.

We are absolutely persuaded that through our Lord Jesus Christ and all that are His friends, we are greater than any forces of ignorance and wickedness and that we shall overcome all, inherit all, and restore it all in a very short time. “Beloved now we are the sons of God…you are the light of the world and the salt of the earth if Christ lives big in you!”

The American dream, the Chinese dream, the Soviet Union’s dream, the dreams of the Roman Empire, the Grecian Empire, the Persian Empire, and Babylon, are fallen. They were not God’s dreams. His dream was the restoration of all things spoken of by all the holy prophets ever since the world began. God’s dream was prophesied thousands of years ago in the Book of Daniel. Now it is time for The Kingdom of Heaven to replace the cruel kingdoms of darkness and for that Kingdom based on love and joy and peace and righteousness to come to all Creation and every creature.

While humanity is waiting for God to bring about this deliverance, God is waiting for His manifest sons to act under His leadership for as many as are led by the Spirit of God; these are the son’s of God. Romans 8 makes it perfectly clear that The creation and every creature is eagerly and anxiously awaiting not the manifestation of God but the manifestation of God’s sons. It was God who predestined the restoration of the earth and the liberation of every creature. Environmental destruction and species extinction require Divine intervention now (Revelation 11:18). Without these days being shortened and this age being brought to an end and being replaced by the Peaceful Kingdom of God’s love, scripture says no flesh shall be saved (Romans 9:28 & Matthew 24:22). Creation can wait no longer and God says there shall be no more delay. Nothing is as powerful as a divine idea whose time has come!

We are the faithful witnesses and true sons and daughters of the Living God and because this is His Season and His time, and since He said it depends upon us, we pledge our lives to Him, His Creation, His Creatures and to Humanity (Romans 12:1-2 John 7:17). We have created several instruments to join all those who are committed to the Heavenly Vision. We need not say to hell with the vision of politics, military-industrial complexes or the needless consumerism of afluenza. The promoters of such ideas have demonstrated their own spiritual bankruptcy. And they have created hell on earth for countless creatures… including human beings!

If you read our regular articles, meditate on our scripture references, or choose developing a true sanctuary or functioning within the local or international fellowship of Church in the Green, you will be greatly empowered to make a measurable difference in the things that matter.

The Church in the Green is a local church and an International on-line gathering of those who desire to be matured, equipped and manifest daughters and sons of God. Through the ministry of Church in the Green we will enhance and transform your effectiveness, ministry, gifting, vision and focus. You will receive some of the most cutting edge leadership from many Christian sources enriching your experience of God and the powers of the age to come.

Locally we do workshops, conferences, and three month intensive discipleship training for small groups. Whenever weather permits, we gather for outdoor church meetings in the grandeur of God’s creation. Our goal is to know God and Jesus Christ whom He has sent, His Spirit, His ways, His Word, and to become the answer to creation’s cry.

Collectively (through you and others like you if I am speaking to your heart) we intend to quickly disciple the nations primarily by establishing True Sanctuaries across the globe. These wildlife refuges will act as missionary homes and teaching centers from which we can bring the light to diverse areas through teams of trained ministers and obviously anointed leaders. These True Sanctuaries will serve as ecological preserves, restoration sites for endangered trees and plants and animals, and environs for all creatures where they can flourish without fear of harassment or harm. Finally, they will serve as meeting places for local Church in the Greens and Conference, Learning and Training Centers and places of scientific observation.

For much more info on Church in the Green click that heading on the home page. If you desire to learn more about how you can establish a True Sanctuary in your local area or in an area of interest anywhere on the planet, contact us.

One of America’s greatest ministers asks, “What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?” A zero is a zero, but place it beside a “one” and you become a 10! God is our partner, this is His plan, and we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us! He is the one. Even if you think you are a zero, we can assist you in discovering all you were uniquely created to be. “The eyes of the Lord search through all the earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of all those whose heart is perfect towards Him.” Whether you have been in ministry all your life or are interested in becoming one of Christ’s followers, you are invited to come and freely enjoy the waters of life. The Bible says, “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.” If your heart is pure about wanting to follow God and see the restoration of the planet earth you have all the prerequisites to join together on this fully rewarding and exciting journey.

Join with me in answering Creations Cry. Thanks so much on behalf of every creature. Praying “Thy Kingdom Come,” Ministers David & Yvonne Prather

MEMORIAL - November 15, 2013

David collapsed and went to be with the Lord this morning. I was with him when it happened, there was no look of pain or anguish on his face and I know that Jesus was waiting for him with open arms. Hallelujah!
He was so grateful to All-Creatures for putting up his website and he enjoyed all his conversations and e-mails with you immensely. 
My heart is so heavy but I'm feeling very blessed that he made his transition the way he did.
Thank you so much for everything,

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