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Every creature and all creation is crying and suffering. They are eagerly anticipating with great expectation the manifestation of God’s real sons and daughters.  Then…all of nature will be set free from ruin and destruction into the dignity, honor, and freedom belonging to allof God’s precious children.

(Summarized from Romans 8:19-22)

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Dominion - Many ministers, pastors and evangelists as well as heathens reinforce the so-called fact that we all were given dominion over the animals and all creation. They go so far as to say cut all the forests so that Jesus will have to return sooner. After all God only made them for us to harvest and even exploit the natural resources. They emphasize that we can save money by killing venison or selling fur pelts from bashing in the brain of baby seals or setting a steel jawed trap.

The Hunt Ends With Love! - Hunting Season is nearly here, and many Churches are taking up Satan’s work. While they profess to be followers of God, they fail to live like God’s only biological Son always has lived: to please the Father in Heaven.  We are called to walk as He walked, yet Christian groups and elements of State Government try to draw in curious kids and uninterested children, to preserve and pursue their right to kill animals, God’s creatures!

Charismatic Canine - This passive pet is actually full of charisma. Would you believe she just spent a long time at the organ? Would you believe it was actually a keyboard? Well anyway, she really did visit the keyboard player and the members of the congregation in order to make it clear that she was saying, “I love you.”

Why the US Government and you need God - We may have data centers like the one in Utah and the others being currently approved as well as drones filling our once peaceful skies, but if you exclude God and His instructions from your life, don’t say you are not afraid of what is coming because you also will be.

The Manifestation of the Sons of God - You may understand much in Genesis Chapter 1 and 2, but until you comprehend the scientific, microscopic proven discoveries of science you cannot fully understand virtually anything about creation. True science never conflicts with the scriptures; its only conflict is with assumptions about what the scriptures really say. These tiny things, which are unseen and given little attention, often control the massive and visual things.

Stop Damning Creation with a Lie! - Before this message goes any further, we need to put down a misunderstood, misinterpreted and misused section of Romans Chapter One. Pastors do badly enough when they insinuate that animals do not have a mind, emotion or a will. It is commonly taught in this area that animals couldn’t go to Heaven because they do not have a soul. A soul is composed entirely of the mind, the emotion and the will. Anyone who really knows animals realizes that they clearly possess all three.

Who’s Stealing our Freedom and Who Assures it?  - The Declaration of Independence says the truth, "that we are endowed by our creator and that amongst these is the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." Psalms 144:15 says, "Happy is the people whose God is the Lord," therefore we should be permitted to pursue the Lord with all our heart because this brings happiness to mankind.

Did Murder Incorporated Help the Economy? - Some presidents like Eisenhower, told us that we needed to be protected, not so much from gangs or illegal people crossing our borders, but from the military/industrial complex.  Eisenhower was loved by many people who did not even vote for him.  He had this strange belief that government was, “of the people, by the people, and for the people!” What about the little people?

The Ark is Discovered, Just Inside Your Door! - Do you really wish to experience more tribulation as it increases the speed with which it approaches us? Or do you prefer death with Hell following? No one in their right mind would choose either of these alternatives, so why would you walk by the door day after day and never say, “Lord may I come in?”

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